Switch to Anchor

As you may or may not have noticed, I switched the blog software from pants to Anchor. I reposted all posts, so their date is wrong but the content is still the same.
I switched mostly because the few people making pants cool also started switching to other blog systems. Also I kept getting a message every few months from my host that they had to kill the process, because it used up too much RAM.
Anchor so far seems nice and simple.


I also participated in the Global Game Jam 2017 in January, as usually at InnoGames. This time Sidney joined me and together with an Artist and a Gamedesigner, we made a Game Boy game for the original Game Boy. We wrote it in assembly and while it took us a while to get going, we are really happy with the result.
We used RGBDS for the tools to build an actual rom for the game, IntelliJ as IDE and GBT Player for the music playback.
We used a cartridge reading roms from an SD card to play on a real device.

The game is called Sushi and can be downloaded including the Emulator BGB which we also used for testing from the GameJam website: Sushi